Unfamiliar surroundings – which way out?

Unfamiliar surroundings - which way out?


It is a collective responsibility that employees and employees and visitors occupying your hotel should know the correct action to take in the event of an emergency. Safety plans provide the observer with essential egress information to evacuate to a place of safety. Safety plans also identify and locate fire fighting equipment and other supplementary information.

Jalite have been producing safety plans for over 10 years, and our specialist knowledge within this field enables us to offer a broad range of services to a wide range of hotel environments, ranging from the independent to the corporate facility.

With the introduction of ISO 23601:2009 it is now deemed best practice to include safety plans within the hotel.


Jalite combine clear concise information with photoluminescent technology to give the ultimate evacuation tool. Photoluminescent materials absorb natural and artificial light. When the energising light source is terminated the photoluminescent material illuminates immediately, giving maximum visibility in total darkness. This means that your hotel safety plan is highly visible both in the light and the dark.

Our dedicated team use the latest CAD packages to quickly transform your existing paper plans or CAD files into effective safety plans.

Features and benefits:
  • Identify the escape route – reducing potential liability.
  • Durable and effective – minimum maintenance required.
  • Leading Photoluminescent material – highly visible both in the light and when plunged into darkness.
  • Economical and effective solution to risk reduction.
  • Includes company logo and corporate details.
  • Aesthetic and secure framing options available.
  • Fully customisable, available in multiple languages.

For the address of your nearest distributor please contact us now on www.jalite.com or 01268 242300.

Published January 2015