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Voice Sounder from Fire Alarm Specialists

Voice Sounder from Fire Alarm Specialists

The Voice Enhanced Sounders are available with either single or multi message options. The single message Sonos is an entry level device designed to broadcast an evacuation message in small to medium fire alarm installations and is preceded by a selectable alarm tone.

The multi message sounders are appropriate for larger installations where ‘alert’ and ‘evacuate’ messages are required for staged evacuation. Up to four messages can be transmitted over two wires via an interface unit that monitors the sounder circuit outputs from the fire alarm panel. A test facility is available through a key switch mounted on the interface unit which emits an ‘All Clear’ message when the key switch is returned to its original position.

Both Sonos voice enhanced variants are available as sounders or sounder-beacons in either red or white, with shallow or deep base (IP65) options for both indoor and outdoor applications. A choice of 32 tones is available, including all international standards.

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