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WAGNER Focuses on Innovative Fire Protection Solutions

WAGNER Focuses on Innovative Fire Protection Solutions

Visitors to WAGNER’s stand at this year’s Firex International will be able to experience at first hand innovative fire protection products and solutions designed for the most demanding applications. Protecting high-value assets, ensuring business continuity and enabling zero-downtime are key features of WAGNER’s solutions – OxyReduct® fire prevention and the Titanus family of air sampling smoke detection systems.

OxyReduct® creates an environment where fires cannot start, by continuously reducing the oxygen level in a closed room through adding nitrogen to the air. The oxygen is reduced to a level in which most combustibles do not inflame and an open fire is impossible. Importantly, people can enter and work in the protected area at any time. Unlike traditional fire protection technologies, OxyReduct® ensures that valuable assets or equipment will not be damaged by smoke or water/gas from extinguishing systems. OxyReduct® can protect areas ranging in volume from 100 to 600,000 m³ and has been installed in over 700 organisations throughout Europe. WAGNER’s stand will feature a walk-in OxyReduct® cabin, which will allow guests to experience a reduced-oxygen environment and see that fires cannot be started!

Providing very early warning of smoke provides a critical advantage for building users, enabling them to react decisively before a fire takes hold and causes significant damage. The TITANUS® range of air sampling smoke detection systems offers a host of unique features that ensure early detection for the whole spectrum of possible fires. Whether it’s for early smoke detection in mission critical applications or a replacement for point detection in difficult to access areas, the TITANUS® range has the solution.

WAGNER has been supplying fire protection solutions for over 35 years. Their fire safety technologies have been developed to meet market requirements and its customer’s problems. Today WAGNER is a market leader offering innovative solutions in the fields of fire detection, fire prevention, firefighting and risk management.

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