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West Lancashire Borough Council installs Aico communal fire detection system

West Lancashire Borough Council Installs Aico Communal Fire Detection System

West Lancashire Borough Council has installed Aico mains powered RadioLINK systems into its blocks of flats to allow for alarm interconnection between communal areas and individual apartments.  The design provides a high level of tenant safety at an affordable price, especially when compared to panel-based alternatives.

RadioLINK works by allowing Aico Smoke, Heat and Multi-Sensor alarms to be wirelessly interconnected by Radio Frequency (RF) signals, rather than cabling.  If one alarm on the system is triggered, RF signals cause every other alarm on that system to sound, providing the earliest warning to the building’s occupants.

The standard way to do this has been to run cabling between the alarms and hard wire the interconnection.  RadioLINK from Aico uses a Radio Frequency (RF) signal instead, which can save time and disruption when installing systems in existing properties.

160RC Series mains powered Optical smoke alarms on RadioLINK bases have been fitted in the communal areas and Multi Sensor fire alarms, again on RadioLINK bases, inside the entrance of each flat.  The alarms have been ‘House Coded’ together as one system. This means that even if there is another RadioLINK system next door, there will be no cross-communication. 

The alarms, which feature 10 year rechargeable Lithium cell back-up, have also been House Coded to a wall mounted Control Switch within the communal areas.  The Switch allows the user to easily Test, Locate and Silence alarms from one convenient location.

Cllr Val Hopley, West Lancashire Borough Council portfolio holder for Landlord Services, said: “The safety of our residents is of paramount importance to the council. Staff within the programmed works team have told me that this is an excellent system, easy to install, easy to use and with the ability to interlink alarms without hard wiring.”

A wholly owned subsidiary of Ei Electronics, Aico is a market leader in residential fire protection in the UK.  All alarms are designed and built in Europe specifically to meet the UK standards and regulations.