Curo Housing Fits Aico Fire & Co Alarms Into HMOs

Curo Housing Fits Aico Fire & Co Alarms into HMOs

Curo Housing Group – the largest social landlord in the Bath area – is installing Aico mains powered RadioLINK Smoke and Heat Alarms, along with Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms, into its Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs).
In 2010/11, Curo made the decision to fit Aico mains powered smoke alarms throughout its 11,500 properties, around 30% of which are HMOs.  This includes optical smoke alarms in the lounge and hallway and a heat alarm in the kitchen of each flat, wirelessly interconnected with Aico’s RadioLINK system.  
Interconnecting smoke alarms in a domestic property is a requirement of BS 5839-6 and Building Regulations.  It means that when one alarm detects a fire, all interconnected alarms will go into alarm state, sounding throughout the property.  This provides an earlier warning and the best chance of escape.  The standard way to do this has been to run cabling between the alarms and hard wire the interconnection.  RadioLINK from Aico uses a Radio Frequency (RF) signal instead, which can save time, disruption and cost when upgrading systems in existing properties.
RadioLINK is suitable for use with the best selling Ei160 Series and Ei2110 Multi sensor mains powered alarms from Aico.  These alarms feature 10 year plus Lithium cell back-up and Remote System Control option.  
In addition to the Smoke and Heat Alarms, Curo is fitting Aico Ei262 mains-powered CO alarms into the properties.  The CO Alarm comes with rechargeable Lithium Cell back-up and a cost-saving replaceable CO sensor to extend the life of the alarm unit.  The sensor is pre-calibrated and tested in CO gas to ensure accuracy.
The alarm unit features both high and low level LED indicators, with a special pre alarm LED indication for detection of CO at 50ppm.  Other features of note include a built-in Test/Hush button, Easi-fit design, Quick CO Gas Test facility and a Memory Feature which enables the user to tell if CO has been detected during a period of absence.  
A wholly owned subsidiary of Ei Electronics, Aico is the first name in residential fire protection in the UK.  All alarms are designed and built in Europe specifically to meet the UK standards and regulations.  For more information, please go to