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Xtralis VESDA-E VEA is the disruptive innovation that will reshape the smoke detector market

Xtralis VESDA-E VEA Is The Disruptive Innovation That Will Reshape The Smoke Detector Market

The latest Xtralis innovation brings pinpoint addressability, dramatic reductions in test & maintenance, and expands VESDA-E into markets previously served only by traditional detectors


)  Xtralis, the global leader of early & reliable detection, verification, monitoring, & response solutions for safety & security threats, today announced the introduction of VESDA-E VEA aspirating smoke detector (ASD). VEA is an addressable version of Xtralis’ popular VESDA-E ASD portfolio that provides accurate information on the location of a potential fire source. VEA supports up to 120 individually addressable sampling points networked to a single central detector breaking through the barrier that previously prevented ASD from being the preferred smoke detection technology for every market. VEA is the only addressable detection solution that delivers assured detection, up to 90% reduction in time to test during maintenance, no disruption to occupant’s business, and optimized response through remotely accessible actionable intelligence. VESDA VEA offers vastly superior value over traditional spot or point detectors at a lower total cost of ownership for commercial safety markets like office buildings, educational and healthcare facilities, and retail outlets.

“The VESDA-E VEA detection solution will enable Xtralis to penetrate a broader spectrum of markets,” commented Justin Siller, Senior Manager – Security and Building Technologies at IHS. “Addressability, centralized detection, and a significantly lower test and maintenance times are attractive features for fire protection in markets like healthcare, education, and retail and office buildings. VEA is a disruptive innovation that could reshape fire detection markets by bringing aspirating smoke detection to commercial applications previously dominated by optical and multi-sensor detectors,” Siller added.

“We are pleased with the early feedback from our customers.  With addressability and simplicity, VESDA E VEA removes major barriers that long prohibited ASD from being the choice detection technology for all market segments and applications,” commented Ghassan Habelrih, Executive VP for Safety & Security Products at Xtralis. “We also added breakthrough innovations to simplify installation and maintenance delivering highest protection and lowest total cost of ownership to end-users.  At the same time installers can increase their maintenance revenues and margins through significant increases in productivity.” Habelrih added.

VEA is the only addressable detector in the market that delivers “assured detection” through active sampling, proactive self-supervision, auto-cleaning, and highest longevity with sustained sensitivity for the laser detection chamber. The centralized detection architecture with up to 120 sampling points, coupled with auto supervision and cleaning, lowers servicing time by up to 90% and decreases total cost of ownership, and dealers can multiply their service revenues and margins with the dramatic increase in productivity. End customers will benefit from unobtrusive and interruption-free servicing that is a must for hospitals and other 24/7 operations. Superior connectivity options and an iVESDA mobile app allow for remote monitoring and ensure effective response locally and by fire brigades to minimize loss of property and business interruption.

VESDA E VEA is the better choice for smoke detection in hospitals, high rise buildings, schools, offices, and retail spaces. VESDA-E VEA has already received UL approval is available immediately. To learn more, visit

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