York Hospital Focuses on Evacuation Safety

York Hospital Focuses on Evacuation Safety

Approximately 3,000 people are on the hospital’s site eachday that potentially require evacuation in an emergency situation, includingpatients who have heart and respiratory issues, serious injuries and thosewomen in the third trimester of pregnancy.

With previous positive experience with Evac+Chair products,the hospital has installed an additional 20 chairs for its hospital stairwellsand in public access areas of their multi-storey car park, to serve as part oftheir emergency evacuation plans. Thechairs are very easy to use and can assist in emergency evacuation ofvulnerable and mobility-impaired people.

The hospital has also invested in the ‘Key Trainer MasterClass programme’ which provides comprehensive training in the use of equipmentso trained staff can instruct other employees, allowing knowledge of how toproperly operate the chairs to be easily transferred within the hospital.

Mick Lee, Fire Safety Manager for York Hospital, said: ÔÇ£Wefully understand our responsibility to our employees, on-site visitors andpatients to make sure everyone is safe in the event of an emergency. Our previous experience with Evac+Chair hasbeen positive so we had no qualms in purchasing additional chairs to use in ourevacuation plans. It is also reassuringto know that our staff are fully trained in the use of the chairs should we befaced with an emergency situation.ÔÇØ

Paul Colder, Head of Marketing for Evac+Chair Internationalsaid: ÔÇ£Emergency evacuation is criticalfor hospitals, and we are delighted that we can play a part in York Hospital’sstrong commitment to its safety standards and facilitating a means for safeevacuation.ÔÇØ

Evac+Chair International has also worked with UK healthcareservices and hospitals such as Birmingham Women’s Hospital, CenTre NeonatalTransport Service and West Midlands Ambulance service, helping them to complywith legislation and demonstrate that health and safety considerations arebeing taken seriously.

 For more information about Evac+Chair visit: www.evac-chair.co.uk