Aico’s environmental efforts ahead of World Environment Day

Aico’s environmental efforts ahead of World Environment Day

Ahead of World Environment Day, it is vital to consider the environmental impact and the subsequent impact on biodiversity as a business, to support the sustainability of our communities and ecosystems. When designing and planning their new home, market leaders in Fire and Carbon Monoxide detection Aico endeavored to be environmentally conscious and reduce the impact to the landscape and wildlife.


The building itself sits on three out of the seven-acre site, leaving the remaining four acres as landscaping. A PV solar garden lines the roof to offset the electricity usage of the building, an attenuation pond and rain water harvesting reduce the amount of surface drainage at the site and over 2,500 square metres of wildflower meadow have been cultivated to support and encourage native pollinators and their ecosystems. Aico’s environmental efforts also extend beyond their new headquarters; their fleet of company cars are predominantly hybrid vehicles and all of the secondary packaging of their life-saving products are made from recyclable material and are fully recyclable.


Aico maintains environmental certification so they are continually reviewing and improving their environmental impact. This is evident in the proposed changes to some of their packaging; new packaging on some of their products will be completely plastic free, saving six tonnes of plastic each year and a cardboard reduction of 28% with packaging being fully recyclable.



Since 1974, World Environment Day has been celebrated annually on the 5th June, bringing environmental issues to the fore and encouraging awareness, engagement and inspiring change. Each year focuses on a different theme; this year the theme is biodiversity. Biodiversity is the diverse variety of plant and animal life on Earth, their interdependent ecosystems and myriad of interactions that make the Earth habitable.


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