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Kentec remains operational throughout Covid-19

Kentec remains operational throughout Covid-19

Kentec Electronics Ltd is continuing to deliver its life-critical control systems throughout the current crisis, supporting other essential businesses to ensure its panels are readily available, technical support is in place, and the safety of the public is not compromised.

Kentec has in fact seen an increase in sales for its industry-leading Sigma XT extinguishant panels during this crisis as it is widely used within critical infrastructure, in sectors such as telecommunication, data centres and healthcare.

With all manufacturing taking place in Kentec’s Kent-based factory and with considerable raw materials in stock, it has adapted its manufacturing processes to align with government guidelines so that its customers have not experienced any supply issues with any of its life safety systems or parts.

Kevin Swann, Managing Director of Kentec, says this crisis has shown the value in its UK manufacturing and R&D facility: “Not only has it meant that we have not experienced any supply issues, but also that we have been able to continue the R&D of products on our roadmap. There will of course be delays as capital expenditure has been curtailed for the time being, but we are proud to have been able to support our industry’s progression.”

Kevin adds that operating through the crisis and supporting installations that are going ahead has been achieved through detailed planning, communication and collaboration: “For example, we’re supporting our distributors by shipping directly to their customers, when it not safe or feasible to open their warehouses. And with respect to supporting our installers, we have adapted our Kentec Installation Partner (KIP) scheme to be fully remote to ensure training and support is there when it is needed.”

Kentec has implemented new shifts schedules to ensure there are never too many people on site at one time and amended working patterns and amenities to mitigate potential risks involved. Work benches have been moved to ensure safe distances, and where workflows make two-metre distancing impossible it installed six- and eight-foot screens. Face masks have been provided to all staff and it is also trialling face shields for further comfort and protection. Office staff have worked from home.

“I’m extremely thankful for the positivity, proactivity and support that employees have shown through this process,” says Kevin.    

“It remains to be seen how the rest of 2020 will pan out, but where projects have been necessarily put on hold, because of the essential nature of our industry we are confident that installers will be able to quickly and easily return to these projects when it is safe and feasible to do so. Communication, collaboration and support will continue to be essential in mitigating the challenges in our future ‘new normal.”

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