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C-TEC’S Quantec Call System Protects New Mental Health Centre

C-TEC'S Quantec Call System Protects New Mental Health Centre

The Hospital’s management team and staff were already familiar with Quantec as C-TEC’s powerful call/staff attack system has been in operation at the main Hospital for many years now. Hence the UK-manufactured system, with its flexible call routing and multiple call levels, was the obvious choice for the new Oakwell Centre.

Specialist installation company Solid State were appointed by leading Mechanical and Electrical Contractors, Haden Young, to supply, install and commission the system. As Barnsley NHS Trust was already an existing client and required a company fully conversant with the technical nuances of Quantec, Solid State were involved from early tender stage. A crucial part of this process was to demonstrate how Quantec would benefit the new facility to existing staff, the design team and the clinical management team. Throughout the project, Solid State assisted the design team with the system’s development.

The specification also called for infrared staff-attack coverage in all patient areas, including external spaces and courtyards. Consequently, Quantec’s innovative radio receivers and pagers were introduced throughout the entire site to enhance the coverage of the centre’s staff-attack system. Infrared master receivers were housed in IP rated boxes mounted under the soffits covering the external courtyards and walkways.

Extensive testing of addressable call systems in medical facilities is vital. Solid State’s engineers checked the system’s functionality thoroughly by activating the transmitters all around the outside of the building to ensure that they operated correctly in daylight. Another important consideration was to assess what kind of line of sight distances were involved with few or no reflective surfaces assisting the reception externally.

Said Liam Odgen, Project Manager at Solid State: ÔÇ£Although we are used to carrying out major installations in hospitals and care facilities, this project was particularly challenging due to the sheer number of devices required – over 500 – and the complicated ’cause and effects’ requested by the client. However, the overall installation was an outstanding success and testament to our extensive experience in managing healthcare projects of this sizeÔÇØ.

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