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Evac + Chair Communication

Evac + Chair Communication

Planning for an emergency is not about box ticking,it is about preparation for an event that could become reality, requiringemployers to take a consistent approach to emergency evacuation planning.Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs) become redundant if the individualsconcerned are not regularly engaged, in order to ensure the procedures laid outbecome second nature. 

To better enable this, we facilitate training for ‘keytrainers’ on Evac+Chair emergency evacuation chairs – these ‘key trainers’ canthen train other staff, thereby creating a robust network of knowledge andsupport.

As well as increasing familiarity with theprocess, holding regular fire drills for all occupants gives employers theopportunity to identify individuals with mobility issues, for example, apregnant woman or someone with a sports injury who may require assistance inthe event of a fire, or equipment such as an Evac+Chair, which helps them makethe descent down stairways quickly and safely.

Taking a personalised approach is thereforeimportant, especially with mobility impaired members of staff, who should begiven regular one-to-one guidance in order to ensure they are as familiar withthe course of action as possible.

Communicationis the bedrock of a successful evacuation but without a pro-active and regularapproach to this well before an emergency, lives will inevitably be put indanger.

MarkWallace is Managing Director of Evac+Chair International


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