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Churches Fire offer Expert Advice Platform during Covid-19 Outbreak

Churches Fire offer Expert Advice Platform during Covid-19 Outbreak

Churches Fire Security Ltd, a nationwide business dedicated to supplying customers with the best in fire safety and security protection, is providing expert advice and best practices to help customers manage fire and theft risks during the Covid-19 outbreak.   MOE

Classed as Key Workers by the Government, Churches Fire technicians have continued to service and maintain fire and security provisions throughout the outbreak period. Guided by customer requirements, technicians have been working additional hours to ensure customer sites are upheld to usual working order, particularly in shops, bars, gyms and restaurants prior to being temporarily closed.

Supporting Customers through Re-Occupancy

The platform strengthens the company commitment to always supporting customers, especially through the outbreak, as businesses begin to look at re-occupancy plans.

Drawing on the specialist knowledge of the company’s fire and security technicians, the platform is divided into three key sections; Managing Risk, Getting Ready for Re-Occupancy and Churches Fire’s Operational Response.

Available to all, the free downloadable checklists for fire and security safety, evacuation strategy for use during times of reduced staffing levels and printable recovery calendar have been designed to facilitate business re-occupancy as effectively as possible.

Free Online Fire Safety Training for All

In addition to the information offered, Churches Fire is providing their online fire safety training programme free of charge. To help every business through this period, the free training is available to all – whether a current customer of Churches Fire or not.

Chief Operating Officer Charlie Haynes said:

“It’s vitally important that our customers continue to safeguard their businesses with the Responsible Person still taking the time to do weekly and monthly fire and security tests. In sharing our expertise, we want to ensure all of our customers know that Churches Fire is here with them. Whether business premises’ are closed completely or working towards re-occupancy, our resources are offered for each step of the process.”

Churches Fire customers receive regular email updates, highlighting fire and security areas to focus on as the country collectively works towards re-occupancy.


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