Ensure your Fire Wardens Remain Conspicuous!

Ensure your Fire Wardens Remain Conspicuous!

It not only makes sense in terms of efficiency to broaden the responsibility across the organisation, but also in terms of widening the fire safety message and organisational commitment and participation. Above all; “the effective and efficient evacuation of a premise in an emergency is the responsibility of the designated fire personnel, in conjunction with an emergency evacuation plan.”

The actions of employees within the first few minutes of discovering a fire can make all the difference between life and death. Research has proven that an authoritative figure will decrease the time of reaction to alarms and evacuation procedures. Solutions Fire Safety can help you!

Step 1: Knowledge & Experience

Our Fire Warden Training is presented by fully qualified and competent trainers who will cover all issues relating to Fire Warden’s responsibilities and duties within the workplace. Our training complements both the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and BS9999:2008. 

Our aim is to provide your Fire Wardens with the knowledge and experience that they need to feel confident in carrying out their responsibilities effectively. 

As the primary training provider for local councils, schools and large organisations our training can be specific to your needs to ensure maximum comprehension. Attendees can be booked onto one of our monthly dates held in Basildon, Essex or group bookings can be made at a choice of your venue for a discounted price.

Step 2: Ensuring your Fire Warden Remains Conspicuous!

In conjunction with training, Solutions Fire Safety Ltd is also suppliers of JALITE AAA photoluminescent Fire Warden Jerkins & Armbands

Our range is different from other suppliers and our products incorporate the following unique features

– High Visibility Yellow Material – conspicuous in normal daylight conditions

– Retro-reflective bands – enhances the safety and visibility of the wearer when illuminated by torch or vehicle lights

– Jalite AAA photoluminescent bands – exceptional luminance performance in total darkness