Ensuring Fire Safety via Fire Protection Asset Management

Ensuring Fire Safety via Fire Protection Asset Management

The  Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires a ‘suitable and sufficient’ fire risk assessment but with the Fire and Rescue Service’s strict enforcement of the Order, you need to demonstrate that robust ongoing maintenance and monitoring of fire protection / fire safety assets is in place.

It’s imperative that your fire risk strategy informs the ongoing risk assessment process and effective fire safety management is about getting down to the granular detail of asset maintenance and monitoring. A fire risk assessment is simply a reflection of how you’re performing at a specific point in time, but what would your systems be telling you about your fire safety measures in place today?

What’s being done on the ground in an organisation is often divorced from the fire risk assessment and from the overall management of the building. With paper logbooks tucked away in cupboards, it makes it increasingly difficult for central management to ascertain if assets are still there, to discover if they’re still operationally effective and to then ensure records exist to that effect. In large organisations with multi-site facilities, it creates significant challenges. But what if you could present real-time visibility of your compliance.

ZetaSafe® is the cloud based solution to Collect, Manage and Share data for Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental compliance. ZetaSafe® barcodes your assets including active fire safety measures such as fire detectors, extinguishers and call points, as well as passive measures such as fire dampers, doors and compartment walls and floors. Barcoding serves as a visual identifier and provides you with a complete asset register. In addition, by scanning the barcode, the technician is proving their attendance at the asset before inputting task data from the necessary tests and checks.

Once the data has been collected and synchronised to the main database, immediately manage your real-time compliance with your personalised ZetaSafe® dashboard that displays easily interpretable critical information. With 24/7 access to real-time data, share the appropriate knowledge with those who need it through auto-reports and graphs to ensure remedial tasks and issues are dealt with efficiently. Whichever way you look at it, ZetaSafe® provides you with complete visibility and peace of mind of your compliance.

In order to improve your compliance and to manage the risk of fire in accordance with the RRO 2005, it is imperative that you start collecting your data electronically, and with ZetaMobile® iOS, data collection just got easier!

In large, complex and geographically diverse buildings, tasks can involve thousands of checks, and the ability to take photos, make comments and add task results directly from an Apple device makes the process quicker, smoother and more effective.

The app can be downloaded for free and used in conjunction with an enabled ZetaSafe® database. The iOS app will shortly be followed by Android and Windows 8 apps, ensuring that ZetaSafe® remains the market leader and the tool of choice for those tasked with the management of large and complex estates.

For more information on how ZetaSafe® and the ZetaMobile® iOS app can transform your fire safety management, contact us on 01869 326000, email info@zetaplc.com or visit www.zetasafe.com