Research and Development Update – Water Mist

Research and Development Update - Water Mist

That is why our technical research and development team is so important.
We would like to bring you up to date with our latest research into water mist technology for a variety of applications.
Conveyor Test
Recent tests were completed to prove the effectiveness of low pressure water mist within a conveyor application for an energy waste from waste site.
Pipe work was fitted to the test area in a line, and nozzles placed every 1 metre, with 4 bar flow of water. The tray contained a Class A crib fire, which was allowed a pre-burn of 2 minutes (the system is integrated with the fire detection system).  After 1 minute the fire was fully extinguished and the pallets placed either side of the crib were not affected so the fire did not spread.    The method of detection were Flame IR Detectors.
This test proved conclusively the benefits of using water mist within a conveyor type application, for premises such as food manufacturing, processing plants, waste management and industrial applications.
The FIA have also produced a document recently on how to choose a water mist system and provider. To view click here