Evolution specifies bespoke Fire and Security Systems solution for Embassy Gardens

Evolution specifies bespoke Fire and Security Systems solution for Embassy Gardens

A bespoke fire and security solution specified and installed by Evolution, the leading integrated fire and security systems business, is helping to protect new tenants and staff at One Embassy Gardens, a new riverside development project on the South Bank of London.


Looking across the River Thames to Chelsea and Kensington, the gardens combine green spaces, shops, restaurants and office space for residents and guests. The area is also the new home for both the Dutch and US embassies. 


One Embassy Gardens was constructed and is owned by international property development company, Ballymore. Ballymore appointed Briggs & Forrester, one of the UK’s leading building services and engineering companies, to tender for the fire and security system, and Ballymore in turn appointed Evolution to manage te bespoke system’s design and installation.


Evolution’s solution comprises a complete fire detection and alarm system including networked fire panels (that allow the system to be expanded as required), and Air aspirating systems are utilised to detect the first signs of a potential fire for early intervention. 


The ‘Open Protocol’ system also includes bespoke voice sounders that have been developed for both the ‘evacuation’ process, which utilises a phased evacuation process, and the ‘invacuation’ process, which involves moving occupants to a safe location within the building. 


The security system is similarly bespoke comprising access control, CCTV and an innovative International Communications (InterComms) system, which includes live communications during an ‘invacuation’, allowing direct interactions between security staff and the occupants of the building. 


Nigel Hyson, Fire Sales Manager at Evolution, says One Embassy Gardens is a prime example of Evolution’s capabilities to deliver integrated systems, no matter what the size or complexities involved: “One Embassy Gardens is in a prestigious location and we had to be mindful of a wide range of potential risks associated with the surrounding buildings. 


“From the initial design phase, right through to the installation and commissioning of the new systems, we are very proud to have been involved in this project. We have delivered a complete and fully compliant fire and security solution tailored to meet the specific needs of the client and this complex development.”


The 12-storey, 215,000 sq. ft building is currently being sublet by two global publishing houses, with two floors still empty and available, and is being managed by CBRE. 

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