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Fire Safety & First Aider Jerkins: Ensure Your Fire Wardens Remain Conspicuous!

Fire Safety & First Aider Jerkins: Ensure Your Fire Wardens Remain Conspicuous!

The most obvious authority figures are fire officers, fire wardens and marshals; staff who when working as a team, take up specific positions within the designated escape routes. By giving instructions in an assertive manner, these authority figures encourage occupants to leave the premises by the designated escape routes and if required to, assemble at a designated safe area. It is essential therefore, that these key personnel are easily identifiable to all occupants evacuating the premises.

Under new fire safety legislation, there is an expectation for companies to nominate employees to be trained to assist the fire safety management program for their company. Therefore, those nominated individuals need adequate fire safety awareness training to carry out the role of a fire representative.

Training on how to use fire extinguishers will also be required for these members of staff, many fire training organisations offer training and workshops in these areas. Solutions fire safety conduct fire marshal and fire warden training on and off site to suit your requirements.

Training includes an interactive presentation covering the role of fire wardens, the importance of good housekeeping, fire safety communication, the triangle of fire, understanding fire extinguishers, escape routes and fire procedures.

Participants receive an armband, pocket guide and handouts plus a certificate upon completion of the training.

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