Flakt Woods makes fire dampers available nationwide

Flakt Woods makes fire dampers available nationwide

Specified for their superior design and manufacturing excellence, the ETPR-17 MFD fire damper and other models in the range are available exclusively through Flakt Woods’ nationwide network of approved distributors. 
For more details of the updated and approved list of stockists, visit www.flaktwoods.co.uk

Commenting on the product range, Allan Hurdle, Managing Director, Flakt Woods said: “With fire safety paramount to residential and commercial building design, contractors and installers rely on the availability of tried and tested products such as the ETPR-17 MFD fire damper. So, by purchasing through our network of approved distributors, our customers are guaranteed high quality Flakt Woods products, without compromising the design of their ducting and fire safety system.”

Flakt Woods’ ETPR-17 MFD circular fire dampers are utilised as closing devices for preventing the spread of fire in ventilation ducts between compartments. The model has been tested for fire resistance according to BS 476, retaining its integrity for 130 minutes.

The ETPR-17 MFD is suitable for horizontal and vertical operation, with ducting diameters ranging from 100mm to 500mm. For ease of installation, the unit casing has an integral mounting flange which enable the units to be fitted directly to the building fabric. Plus, for quick and simple maintenance, the ETPR-17 MFD features an external handle to allow installers to see when the damper has closed. This makes it simple to reset from the outside of the ductwork, removing the inconvenience of access doors or ductwork modifications.

For more information on the complete range of fire dampers and other fire safety products from Flakt Woods, visit: www.flaktwoods.co.uk.