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Fulleon’s ‘LX’ beacons combine high output with low energy usage

Fulleon’s ‘LX’ Beacons Combine High Output with Low Energy Usage

To meet growing demand for visual alarm devices (VADs) and ensure compliance with European EN 54-23 manufacturing standards, Eaton’s Fulleon Business has developed the LX range of fully certified beacons.

The range comprises of a Wall Category and Ceiling Category beacon, a RoLP (Roshni) Sounder Beacon, which is fully compatible with all existing RoLP Sounders, a low current sounder beacon and a low current IP66 Sounder Beacon. 

Maximum coverage, minimum consumption 

The LX range was developed to provide the lowest possible current consumption while still giving the highest possible light output, so as to maximise the number of devices on a circuit.  

The LX range centres on patented lens technology that manages the distribution of light with extraordinary efficiency.  Any light distributed outside of the necessary volume prescribed in EN 54-23 is a waste of power; the LX lens refracts light to remove hot spots (concentrated areas of light intensity) directly in front of the LED before re-distributing the light to illuminate dark spots. This method delivers the intensity of light required whilst minimising current consumption. 

EN 54-23 compliant red flash

EN 54-23 allows for either a Red or a White Flash. In many parts of Europe a red flash is synonymous with fire. To develop a red flash option that achieves the required 0.4 lux specified by EN 54-23, without compromising the current consumption, is extremely challenging. With the LX range, this has been achieved; LX products are available in either a Red or White Flash with no compromise on current consumption.

Help with specifying and product selection 

As an industry leader, Eaton’s Fulleon business was first to market with a fully certified range of products and has instigated a campaign to raise awareness of EN 54-23 across the industry with a number of training and information resources.

The available resources include an online specifying tool to help professionals determine which products are required for a given installation, as well as a beacon placement template which overlays scale drawings for ease of use. 

Eaton’s Fulleon business has also produced a pocket guide to the EN 54-23 standard and launched a certified CPD seminar, ‘Implications of EN 54-23 on visual alarm devices (VADs)’, which is aimed at risk assessors, specifiers and installers throughout the UK.