High Visibility Clothing

High Visibility Clothing

The most obvious authority figures are fire officers, fire wardens and marshals; staff who when working as a team, take up specific positions within the designated escape routes. By giving instructions in an assertive manner, these authority figures encourage occupants to leave the premises by the designated escape routes and if required to, assemble at a designated safe area. It is essential therefore, that these key personnel are easily identifiable to all occupants evacuating the premises.

JALITE high visibility clothing include:

  • High visibility yellow material, conspicuous in normal daylight conditions.
  • Retro-reflective bands, Enhances the safety and visibility of the wearer when illuminated by torch or vehicle lights.
  • JALITE AAA Photoluminescent bands, exeptional luminance performance in total darkness.

JALITE Armbands:

All armbands are fitted with contact fastener for ease of use and are available in one size and fit various arm sizes.