Listed farmhouse goes wireless

Listed Farmhouse Goes Wireless

Toadvise on the best way forward, the Cotswold Farm Trust was recommended to MainpointFire Protection who provide fire alarm installation and protection services inthe Gloucestershire area.

Mrs.Iona Birchall, who lives in the house, was determined to avoid unsightly wiringwhich would mar the beautiful interior.Mainpoint recommended Detectomat’s SRC 3000 wireless detect system whichincludes optical smoke detectors with integral sounders, break-glass callpoints and heat detectors. The choice was made because it is very reliable andparticularly suitable for heritage buildings. The advantages of being wire freenot only include avoiding damage to historic walls and ceilings but also cost. Thewhole installation of a panel, 39 devices and 3 repeaters took only 4 days. Becauseof the speed, labour charges were kept to a minimum and there was very littledisruption to day to day business – essential in a house with many visitors.

Cotswold Farm dates from the 1700’s and was substantiallyextended in the 1920’s in the Arts & Crafts style. Mainpoint came highlyrecommended by English Heritage. They took great care of the character ofthe architecture and intricate plasterwork. They sited the smoke and heatsensors and the repeater panels as sensitively as possible. And were apleasure to have in the house, said Mrs. Birchall.

Detectomat’s product offering ranges from designconscious detector covers for residential and commercial applications toconventional, addressable and leading edge wire-free systems, marketed underthe company’s Wireless detector brand. 

For further information on MainpointFire Protection or Detectomat’s Wireless detect systems call 01579 321750 oremail