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KAC Products Gain Marine Equipment Directive Approval

KAC Products Gain Marine Equipment Directive Approval

MED approval enables products to be installed as part of fire protection system in passenger ships, cargo ships and tankers. The directive ensures the free movement of equipment within the EU and guarantees the uniform application of standards in Chapter 11-2 of the international SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea Convention).

The MED also defines the design and test standards for the equipment and the procedures required for testing. Compliance with the MED became mandatory on 6th April 2010.

Mark Thomson, KAC Marketing Manager, commented: ÔÇ£Our strategy is to provide products for all applications. Adding MED approval to the range allows us to further our relationships with the world’s largest marine fire systems companies and ensures we are compliant with the latest standards.ÔÇØ

Other products in the range are currently undergoing third party LPCB testing, with approvals expected shortly.

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