Jaguar Land Rover Invests In OxyReduct For Complete Fire Protection

Jaguar Land Rover Invests In OxyReduct For Complete Fire Protection

OxyReduct creates an environment where fires cannot start. This is achieved by continuously reducing the oxygen level in a closed area through adding nitrogen to the air. The oxygen is reduced to a level where most combustibles do not inflame and an open fire is impossible. Importantly, people can enter and work in the area of risk at any time. WAGNER UK’s TITANUS┬« TOP┬ÀSENS┬« air sampling smoke detection system has also been chosen to provide a secondary backup fire protection for the facility in the case of pyrolysis.

OxyReduct was chosen by Jaguar Land Rover and Daemon Fire, their specialist fire contractor, for the fire protection upgrade as it provided a higher level of protection than traditional solutions and could be installed without requiring any additional building work. To install a CO2 gas-extinguishing system, Jaguar Land Rover would have had to reduce the size of the server room at Halewood in order to reduce the number of cylinders used. In contrast OxyReduct protected the existing server room and two additional plant rooms without the need for additional building works. The IT Server room at Browns Lane used OxyCompact, a self-contained nitrogen control and production system which has a smaller footprint that the larger OxyReduct system. This allowed the unit to be located inside the risk itself, thereby saving space.

Over 200 major organisations throughout Europe have already installed OxyReduct systems in a wide range of applications including IT data centres, communication suites, archives, museums, cold/freezer storage and warehousing. OxyReduct┬« has proved itself to be cost effective compared to traditional protection systems for high-value storage and mission critical applications.

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