NATURVENT SHEV System for Residential Premises

NATURVENT SHEV System for Residential Premises

Highly Commended at the Product Excellence Awards for this year’s Homebuilding and Renovating Show, this innovative product is compliant with Approved Document B and other current regulations and is adaptable to any dwelling no matter what the composite materials.

If a fire breaks out, In my opinion, this innovative product is the way forward in pro-active fire solutions and in the long term will have a positive effect on householder and fire fighter safety.” T. Bates (Senior fire officer with over 25 years experience)

“The system had a positive effect on the reduction of the temperature [within the room of fire origin]. Visibility was maintained at low level for the duration of the test and the compartment was completely free of visible products of combustion approximately 11 minutes from ignition. Peak Carbon Monoxide readings were less than 1.5%” Conclusion”  BRE Client Report, November 2010

“ “On the evidence presented to me, the system greatly reduced the presence of all toxins and therefore could have a bearing on danger to life.” Professor Peter Kappa (Bio-Chemistry, Kent University)

“ “A new concept for tactical ventilation in the domestic market. No back drafts; from our operational point of view this could be a life saver” M Cuth (Senior London Fire Fighter)

“ “This is an exciting development in fire safety. The Naturvent system controls the development of the fire, manages the deadly gases and offers a much improved chance of survival. Also by limiting lateral fire spread, the loss of personal possessions and structural damage is greatly reduced.” F Liv (Essex Fire and Rescue Service)

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