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New Sounder Range Continues Banshee Heritage

New Sounder Range Continues Banshee Heritage

Vimpex has continued this heritage with the launch of a new range, the Banshee Excel. The family of sounders, strobes, sounder strobes and accessories represents the most modern, acoustically advanced and by far the most versatile range of conventional electronic sounders, combined units and dedicated strobes available on the market.

All sounders, apart from the Bedroom Sounder, come with 32 user-selectable tones incorporating low and high frequencies, European, American and Australian norms and all industry-standard frequency patterns. Tested and approved to EN 54 Part 3, the Banshee Excel range boasts leading acoustics, aesthetically pleasing designs and low power consumption.

Banshee Excel sounders use the same simple push and twist bayonet mounting base with locking screw as the BansheeMT range, which they are replacing. This enables backwards compatibility for existing installations and ensures a smooth transition for Fire companies already using Banshee products.

The Banshee Excel range offers unmatched diversity and ease of installation. The Banshee Excel sounder is available with two different sound modules; model CH is fitted with a professional capsule driven horn, whereas the PH version has an innovative and highly efficient piezo horn for lower-cost applications. The Banshee Excel BS Base Sounder is the thinnest platform sounder on the market and is renowned for its 360 sound dispersal.

The Banshee Excel Lite sounder strobe units offer all the functionality of the Banshee Excel sounders, together with either Xenon or LED strobe technology and several different coloured lenses to enhance the evacuation signal. The Banshee Excel FlashDome stand-alone strobe features ultra-efficient LEDs and is ideal for use in fire alarm systems which need to be upgraded or designed for conformity to DDA requirements. The range is completed with the Bedroom Sounder, a low cost alternative for fire applications in hotels and residential environments.

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