Live Demonstrations Of OxyReduct Fire-Free Environment

Live Demonstrations Of OxyReduct Fire-Free Environment

All current forms of fire detection and extinguishing rely on one simple fact – a fire must have already started. No matter how good the fire protection is, some damage will occur. The ultimate form of fire protection is thus to prevent fires from happening in the first place, which is how OxyReduct┬« differs from all other traditional systems. Over 200 major organisations throughout Europe, including the British Library, Jaguar Land Rover and British Airways, have already installed OxyReduct┬« systems in a wide range of applications including IT data centres, communication suites, archives, museums, cold/freezer storage and warehousing.

Also on show will be the TITANUS┬« family of Air Sampling Smoke Detection systems, including MICRO┬ÀSENS┬«, an addressable model that is one of the smallest detectors currently available. The unit offers a compact, affordable solution and with its unique ROOM┬ÀIDENT feature can quickly identify the source of the fire in up to five different rooms or areas. In addition the recently launched silent running versions of TITANUS┬« units will be demonstrated. These units are fitted with high-performance fans and additional sound-proofing to produce a totally silent running system for applications such as domestic premises and offices where ambient background noise is low.

All units in the TITANUS┬« range, incorporate PIPE┬ÀGUARD and LOGIC┬ÀSENS. PIPE-GUARD is a unique monitoring system that detects if a sampling hole is blocked, a pipe is ruptured or if the air sampling unit has failed. This feature is vital in inaccessible areas where access is restricted and identification of individually blocked sampling points is essential. LOGIC┬ÀSENS is an advanced signal processing technology that analyses the smoke sample and provides the earliest possible smoke detection whilst safely eliminating false alarms such as cigarette smoke and diesel fumes.

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