Prysmian Protects Portsmouth’s Patients

Prysmian Protects Portsmouth's Patients

Quality was a major factor in product provision for this project and Prysmian has always been the supply partner of choice for Newey & Eyre, especially when a premium cable is required. We supplied the new generation FP Plus cable due to its high specification, ease and speed of installation.”

Not only has Prysmian cable been supplied for the development, but also FP Firefix fixing clips. Prysmian’s unique fixing system allows FP cables to be installed up to 10 times faster than when using alternatives by making use of gas nailing technology. The fixing can be installed in a range of substrates, from concrete to steel and due to their metal based design, the FP Firefix system also conforms to the fixing requirements of BS5839-1:2002 for fire resistant cables.

The new hospital, set for completion in Summer 2010, will provide state of the art health care facilities for residents in Portsmouth and South East Hampshire.

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