New Fire Resistant Door Hardware Protection brochure from

New Fire Resistant Door Hardware Protection brochure from Lorient

Lorient, a respected designer and manufacturer of sealing systems for door assemblies has
launched a comprehensively revised brochure featuring its Fire Resistant Door Hardware
Protection products
Ironmongery is a vital part of a fire door. However, every time a fire door is cut to fit
ironmongery, a weakness is created. This could mean three or four weak points in a door,
where fire can take hold. Adding intumescent door hardware kits protects those weak points.
Lorient kits are made from intumescent sheet, which is wrapped around each piece of
ironmongery such as hinges, locks and latches, door viewers and concealed closers, acting
as an insulator. Tested with a range of ironmongery, Lorient kits are supplied pre-cut to the
exact dimensions, for quick and easy installation.
With a fresh contemporary look, the brochure comprises Lorient’s largest selection of door
hardware and hardware protection to date; which includes fire, smoke & security letterplates,
door edge protectors, door viewers and intumescent protection kits. New additions include
flush bolt, drop seal and bespoke protection kits; plus enhanced test evidence for a number of
To download your copy of the Fire Resistant Door Hardware Protection brochure – please

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