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Nano Extends Hochiki’s Firelink Detection Offering

Nano Extends Hochiki's Firelink Detection Offering

The new FIRElink-Nano is a single-pipe system with a sampling pipe length for still air of 50 metres, with either two, six or ten sampling holes, depending on whether the fire risk is Class A, Class B or Class C. It comes as an extremely compact, low cost and easy to install package that uses what is called Perceptive Artificial Intelligence. This ensures that it operates constantly at optimum sensitivity for the particular protected environment, without having to resort to complicated and expensive setting up. The system configures itself to provide the high sensitivity required for a clean” environment, such as a computer suite, or the reduced sensitivity that is appropriate to a smoky or polluted atmosphere.

The high degree of sensitivity is achieved by using what Hochiki calls “laser-based forward light scattering”. This is responsible for the system’s reliable early warning of a fire and the absence of false alarms, as it is able to discriminate between smoke and dust particles in the atmosphere. Remote monitoring of the system at a fire detection and alarm panel, or on a building management system control panel, is made possible by the inclusion of pre-alarm, fire and fault relays, and RS485 communication is built-in for easy networking and remote communication. An Hochiki ESP or Enhanced System Protocol compatible APIC – Addressable Protocol Interface Card – is available for addressable systems.

Many of these systems are destined to be installed in buildings where conventional detectors are aesthetically unacceptable – such as museums, art galleries and heritage buildings – so a major plus point in the FIRElink Nano’s favour is the compactness of the detector. It measures just 185mm wide by 225mm high by 105mm deep, and can be interfaced onto an ESP analogue addressable loop using an Hochiki CHQ-DIM Dual Input Module.

Hochiki Europe (UK) is headquartered in Gillingham, Kent, and the company has been active in the fire safety market since 1993. It is a subsidiary of the Tokyo-based Hochiki Corporation that today, is an international business that manufactures more than five million detectors every year, and has the largest fire test laboratory in the world.

Further information on FIRElink-Nano is available by telephone on +44 (0)1634 266 566, or via email at The company’s website is at