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New Affordable Fire Suppression Systems from DSPA UK

New Affordable Fire Suppression Systems from DSPA UK

Fire suppression systems are a costly affair – not just thecomponent parts but also the disruption caused by the pipe work, the drillingof holes into walls and then finding additional storage space for the gascylinders or water tanks. However this no longer has to be the case thanks toDSPA Aerosol Technology!

DSPA UK has recently launched its fully modular firesuppression system using its DSPA Aerosol Technology. With the introduction ofthe BC06-2EXT Extinguishing control Panel developed for DSPA Aerosol Generatorsby LST in Austria, DSPA UK can now offer a fully compliant fire suppressionsystem for a fraction of the cost of other systems. There is even an option torent the systems over a 3 or 5 year term.

The BC06 series fire control panel is equipped with fourdetector lines and four monitored extinguishing outputs for the directconnection of DSPA generators. Owing to its sophisticated factory settings thepanel is immediately ready for operation, thus ensuring a quick and efficientinstallation and commissioning of the system.

Aerosol has been around for nearly 30 years but is still arelatively new technology for fire suppression. However over the last few yearsnew standards such as the EN15276-1, UL2775 and ISO15779-1 have raised thestatus of Condensed Aerosol Generators, to give them their product categorytitle, as a genuine alternative to the more traditional, but much moreexpensive, gaseous systems or water/water mist sprinklers. This is especiallyso for the smaller compartments such as engine or boiler rooms, plant orswitchgear rooms and, in particular, computer server rooms.

It was introduced initially as an alternative solution tothe now banned Halon. Unlike Halon, DSPA Aerosol is not harmfulto the environment, ozone layer, humans or animals. It also worksvolumetrically, that means it expands to flood the compartment with a cloud ofmicron sized particles that attack the fire chain at a chemical level. So longas the right amount of Aerosol remains suspended in the room there will be nore-ignition of a fire. With the DSPA system’s sensitive fire detection a firewill be extinguished at a very early stage. DSPA Aerosol is also non-corrosiveand non-conductive, so there will be no harm to any computer equipment.

It is hard to imagine what would happen to a business if itscomputer system was destroyed by fire. Backing up the data on a regular basis,even backing up real time, is fine, but if your server is lost then you willhave to wait sometime before you have the replacement equipment on which toreload the data. It is the downtime that can be disastrous. There are thousandsof growing enterprises with no fire protection for their computer systems.There is no insistence from their insurers and, until now, the cost has beenprohibitive, regardless of the consequences. An average sized server room canhave a DSPA fire suppression system installed and fully maintained for lessthan £160 per month, just over £5 per day, plus VAT, subject to status. For agrowing business that is a small price to pay for the peace of mind knowing thatyour business is protected.

It is not only computers that would cause havoc if destroyedby fire. For the professional disciplines such as solicitors, doctors,surveyors, accountants etc., what would happen if they lost their clients’records due to fire? A lot of data is stored on, yes, computers, but let’s faceit they are a relatively new medium in the great scheme of things. Firms ofsolicitors have clients’ records going back decades and not all have beencopied onto microfiche or similar. If a fire breaks out these records are lostforever – perish the thought. A DSPA fire suppression system will not harmdocuments in any way. If a DSPA generator is called into action it willextinguish the fire and there may be a small amount of residue, but this iseasily cleaned away.

For growing companies a fire suppression system can beviewed as being a permanent fixture to the building. Therefore if they feelthey may outgrow their current premises they see no point in having such asystem installed as they will soon need another one in their new premises. Witha DSPA fire suppression system it is extremely portable, our engineers willremove it from one place and re-install in the new premises. Simple.

As the Aerosol is discharged as a cloud it is notrecommended for installations in places such as corridors or stairwells, infact anywhere that forms part of a means of escape. It is not unknown howeverfor a boiler or utility room to be located next to a fire escape corridor. Sucha room is appropriate for protection with DSPA Aerosol

The international standards referred to above relate tofixed installation Condensed Aerosol Generators. For the portable fire knockdown tool the DSPA-5 there are no standards even though the technology is thesame. This device is proving to be extremely popular around the world and isused by both professional fire fighters and by trained first responders. If afire breaks out and it is too developed for ordinary fire extinguishers, thenit may be appropriate to activate a DSPA-5 and throw it into the compartmentwhere the fire has broken out. The Aerosol compound will knock the flames downimmediately and provide valuable time to effect an orderly evacuation and waitfor the emergency services to arrive. The DSPA-5 is also available to rent fromas little as £8.50 per month plus VAT, subject to status.

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