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New Range of Advanced Aspiration Detectors: FAAST LT

New Range of Advanced Aspiration Detectors: FAAST LT

The new range was showcased at Security Essen (25-28 September), the largest fire and security show in Europe, in Hall 3 (stands 211 and 804).

FAAST LT is designed for use in environments where access or maintenance is restricted, aesthetics are important, or in harsh environments where extremes in temperature, humidity and airflow may cause detector failure or false alarms. Examples include cold storage facilities, warehouses, factories and large public spaces such as airports, churches and museums. As a Class A device, FAAST LT provides high sensitivity detection in small mission critical applications such as small data server rooms. 
The new devices combine field-proven laser smoke detection technology with ultrasonic flow sensors and advanced design features for ease of installation and reliable operation in the toughest environments. 
FAAST LT main features and benefits: 
  • Loop based devices offer connectivity to the regular fire system using the Series 200 Advanced protocol


  • Independent channels include dedicated sensors, fans and ultrasonic airflow monitors 


  • Stand alone devices provide an ideal solution for remote applications
  • Multiple device configurations – single channel and dual channel


  • Proven high sensitivity laser technology


  • ‘Pipe’ LT software provides intuitive system design, configuration and monitoring 
  • Intuitive multilingual interface for rapid problem identification and solving


  • Design features to protect critical components from human and environmental factors
Stuart Ball, Marketing Manager for System Sensor in Europe, said, “FAAST LT is the latest addition to our rapidly expanding portfolio of high performance aspiration detectors. We can now offer market-leading protection across the entire spectrum of EN54-20 Class A, B and C requirements, focused on the installer as much as the end user. Installers benefit from devices that are easier and faster to install. End users benefit from devices that are integrated with the rest of their fire system and that can swiftly detect fires in areas that may not have had fire protection before”. 
The launch follows the European introduction of FAAST, Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology which offers ultra sensitive aspiration detection for mission critical Class A applications.
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