Prysmian FP approved by London Underground

Prysmian FP approved by London Underground

This means that Engineers and Contractors can specify and install FP200 Gold┬«, FP400┬« and FP600S with confidence throughout the London Underground network and stations, above and below ground.

Prysmian’s FP cables boast the ultimate performance under extreme conditions and represent the ideal choice when the highest quality fire performance cabling is required. Prysmian’s FP cables meet and exceed the necessary installation and performance criteria in fire safety, physical and electrical resistance providing a safe and reliable option.

London Underground Limited, who falls under the wider Transport for London umbrella, manages the Approved Product Register (APR) ensuring that only the products that have passed through the rigourous LUL approvals can be commissioned for their network.

London Underground has been operating since 1863 and currently carries three million passengers everyday to 275 stations over 408km of railway.

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