Remote test solution for smoke detectors launched by Detectortesters

Remote Test Solution for Smoke Detectors Launched by Detectortesters

With Scorpion®, all smoke detectors in a building can now be safely and efficiently tested every year.

Detectortesters are delighted to announce the release of Scorpion – the remote test solution for point smoke detectors and Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) systems.

Testing of hard to access smoke detectors and ASD systems has historically been a challenging task; often attracting high costs and significant disruption or even worse leaving detectors untested. 

Scorpion is a micro smoke generator permanently installed adjacent to a detector or adjacent to a sampling hole on an ASD pipe – typically at the end of the run.  The smoke generator is connected to a Scorpion control panel mounted at a convenient, easy to access location at ground level.  Functional testing of the detector is then easily achieved using the Scorpion control panel. 

Installations to date have included lift shafts, ceiling voids, IT server rooms, warehouses, and archives.

To order Scorpion, to arrange a demonstration, or for further information, contact or call us on +44 (0)1707 282760.