SIL 2 Certification for Talentum Flame Detectors Confirms Reliability

SIL 2 Certification for Talentum Flame Detectors Confirms Reliability

The Talentum IR2, IR3 and UV/IR2 optical flame detectors from Fire Fighting Enterprises Ltd have been assessed and awarded a certificate of conformity to IEC 61508, confirming their suitability for use in Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 2 applications.

Optical flame detectors are ideal for detecting fires in high risk areas – capable of raising the alarm even before any smoke is produced or when there is a smokeless fuel source. By watching for and recognising the non-visible ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) signatures of the flames themselves, the Talentum range does not need smoke to know if there is a fire.

SIL ratings and requirements are well-established in the petrochemical industry and recognition is growing in other sectors. A SIL rating confirms the reliability of a system, with probability of failure rates analysed and calculated down to a component level. This new certification for the IR2, IR3 and UV/IR2 flame detectors offers proof and reassurance to specifiers, installers and users that important environments will be safely protected from fire risks at all times.

Following the acquisition of the Talentum flame detector brand by Fire Fighting Enterprises last year, business integration is moving forward successfully, with the SIL certification an early benefit of the ongoing process. By bringing together the Talentum flame detectors with the company’s existing range of Fireray optical beam smoke detectors, the company is able to offer the best of British design, engineering, manufacturing and experience for specialised fire protection applications.

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