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KAC Set For AV Growth with ENscape Launch

KAC Set For AV Growth with ENscape Launch

KAC Alarm Company, the market leading call point and AV device manufacturer, has developed ENscape, a new range of EN54-3 and EN54-23 approved conventional AV warning devices for use in fire detection systems. Offering outstanding performance, fast installation and safe evacuation for all building occupants, ENscape reduces costs for contractors and improves the effectiveness of Audible Visual Alarm Devices for end users.

EN54-23 sets a base level for performance so that Visual Alarm Devices (VADS) provide a defined level of illumination. It became mandatory under CPR from 01 January 2014 and hence ENscape beacons and sounder beacons have been designed specifically to meet this requirement. With innovative electronics and advanced optics providing high light output at low current draw, ENscape beacons and sounder beacons minimise the overall number of devices required. The sounder only devices are approved to EN54-3 with a global tone set of 32 tones, and flexible alarm settings allow for phased evacuation.

ENscape beacons provide all building occupants, particularly the hearing impaired, improved warning of fire alarm or evacuation conditions, whilst increasing safety in areas where high ambient noise levels render sounders ineffective.

Separate sounders, beacons and combined sounder beacons fit a variety of bases. Any of the devices can be installed on a wall or ceiling, reducing stock requirements and saving installation time. KAC’s unique first fix capability allows wiring to be tested without the active devices being installed; this interchangeable modular design enables simple system set-up and later reconfiguration if required.

Raxa Chauhan, KAC Product Marketing Manager, said: “The development of EN54-23, driven by the Equalities Act, has meant that all AV manufacturers have had to redesign their beacons to meet the new standards. At KAC, we went a step further, developing a completely new range of sounders, beacons and combined units, with unique features to deliver unbeatable illumination and sound output, along with fast and simple installation. ENscape is a major step forward in AV device technology, offering significant benefits for fire system designers and installers and the most comprehensive range on the market today. We are expecting to see great uptake across Europe and other parts of the world with our distinctive and truly innovative ENscape product range.”

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