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Silver Bear Fire Introduces 2D Fire Plans

Silver Bear Fire Introduces 2D Fire Plans

Silver Bear can now provide you with clean, simple and easy to interpret fire plans which provide solutions to a number of requirements, including:

Recording the findings of your Fire Risk Assessment.
We can provide a detailed floor plan to aid the recording of risks and issues identified and required within the Fire Risk Assessment.

Fire asset management.

Identify and locate all your fire assets, from extinguishers to sounders and detectors, define the burn resistance of walls and partitions. All the information you require can be shown on a clear and easy to understand plan. This solution has additional benefit when used to support the maintenance of your fire assets.

Make the most of your Premises Information Box

For those that have already invested in the Premises Information Box system, we can design and deliver a full set of documentation in accordance with BS 9999 standards, designed to fit into your existing PIB. Fully laminated and bound in heavy duty, durable binders, the documents provide the responding fire service with the best chance of getting your business back to business.


By adopting a proactive approach to the identification of business critical information and salvageable items, the fire service can quickly prioritise their efforts to recovering this information once the fire is under control. The provision of this information may be considered favorably by your insurer.


We understand that business is subject to change and that these changes will need to be replicated in your fire plans. We offer a maintenance service which provides a quick and easy way of keeping your plans up to date, protecting your investment and ensuring any information made available to the fire service remains up to date and accurate.

Our fire plans can help you identify, track and maintain:
– Plans of your buildings
– Fire and safety systems
– Utilities and environmental systems
– Hazardous materials
– Valuable contents and salvage items

We can create your fire plans from existing CAD drawings, pdf files, and photocopies and even hand drawn floor plans. Our costs are very competitive, often less than using internal teams or trying to complete yourselves.

The ongoing maintenance is easily managed and quickly implemented. Simply make the amendments to your existing plans and send through to us. We will quickly make those changes and re issue them to you.

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