Stairways – Unfamiliar Territory For Evacuees

Stairways - Unfamiliar Territory For Evacuees

Studies of evacuation demonstrate that stairways in large multi-story buildings, department stores and office blocks are unfamiliar and are often not the prime escape route choice.

It is therefore imperative that evacuees are given specific communication and conspicuous information to build confidence regarding escape route choice and influence change in normal behaviour.

When individuals are in a state of panic they often attempt to evacuate via the entrance that they used to enter their surroundings rather than look for a more convenient or safer route.

Fire safety signs are now required by UK legislation to be used within any public building ensuring that occupants can identify fire exits quickly and clearly.

New York building codes have insisted that their stair marking with Photoluminescent material is required in all buildings over 75ft to ensure illumination under power failure.

The UK Regulatory reform order states that the responsible person must ensure a safe, conspicuous and effective escape route is available.

The Regulatory Reform Order 2005 highlights the requirement for the Responsible Person to take responsibility for the companies/premises risk assessment and fire safety measures.

For example, one of these crucial points is to ensure the evacuation process is clear and effective. The use of Photoluminescent Jalite signage ensures your staff and visitors are aware of fire exits and instructions in the event of an emergency.

All Jalite signage conforms to current standards, BS 5499.

A leading manufacturer in fire safety signs, JALITE produce fully compliant and certified Photoluminescent products to satisfy these new requirements enabling any building confidence that individuals can evacuate successfully.

Not only do Jalite safety signs confirm to current legislations and standards but they enable staff and individuals to evacuate safely. The signs can be seen clearly in all circumstances such as fire, power loss and sever smoke directing individuals out of the building via the safest escape route possible.

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