Swift fire damage cleanup for an elderly gentleman with Alzheimer’s

Swift Fire Damage Cleanup For An Elderly Gentleman With Alzheimer’s

Earlier this year, CleanSafe were called out to clean up after a kitchen fire at an apartment complex in Bristol.

The fire started at the home of an elderly resident living with Alzheimer’s. Although he received monitored care, he was living alone. The fire was caused by the microwave being run with nothing inside, which led to the electrics burning out and catching fire.

Understandably, the fire and subsequent upheaval caused the homeowner a significant amount of distress. Being out of his familiar routine and surroundings also presented a further risk of accidents. Cleanup therefore needed to be carried out as quickly as possible to minimise distress and to allow him to return home.

The fire brigade was fortunately able to extinguish the fire quickly and easily without the use of liquids. This meant that CleanSafe did not need to dry out the premises with air movers and dehumidifiers, which is often required following firefighting efforts.

Although there was little fire damage, smoke damage was extensive throughout the whole apartment. The open-plan nature of the main space meant that the living room had also been contaminated by thick, black smoke, leaving stains and deposits on the walls, ceiling and carpet. Soot particles had even made their way into the bathroom and bedroom, causing minor staining and a smoky smell.

After the fire had been put out, the homeowner’s son spent two days tackling cleanup himself as best he could. This included tearing up burnt sections of the linoleum flooring, hoovering up sooty cobwebs and scrubbing floors and cabinets. However, he required CleanSafe’s expert services to obtain a complete clean, as all surfaces in the apartment were covered in a fine layer of soot.

Due to the health risks of smoke inhalation, it is not recommended to attempt to clean fire damage yourself. Soot and smoke particles can settle in the lungs, causing anything from irritation and coughing to serious health problems requiring medical attention. The particles may also contain traces of toxic chemicals, even long after the fire has been put out. It is important to wear the correct safety gear such as respiratory protection when dealing with smoke damage.

Fortunately, CleanSafe were called in to complete the job and ensure safe, professional removal of all traces of soot and smoke particles.

Four days after the fire, CleanSafe got to work to thoroughly clean and deodorise the apartment. The two operatives worked quickly and efficiently to ensure that the elderly gentleman would be able to return to the comfort of his own home as quickly as possible.

The first step in the cleanup operation was to assess the risk posed by the environment. In this instance, as it was only a small fire, personal protection equipment (PPE) for falling debris was not required. As water has not been used to extinguish the fire, there was no risk posed by electricity.

CleanSafe then got to work to remove all soot deposits from the apartment. Soot can penetrate into the porous fibres of walls, floors and other surfaces, leading to a lingering smell and colour. Over time, these soot deposits can work their way out of the surfaces, leading to further odour and discolouration. It was therefore essential to thoroughly remove soot particulates to prevent further damage and allow for redecoration.

CleanSafe used a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter machine to remove the soot deposits. All surfaces were thoroughly cleaned, including the walls, floor, ceiling and cabinets. The living room carpet was deep cleaned to remove all traces of soot that were embedded within the fibres.

Finally, CleanSafe carried out odour neutralisation using a fogging machine and RES Odour Tech to eliminate soot micro-particles. This technique settles soot particles from the air and physically binds odour molecules, preventing their release.

The cleanup job was completed in just two days, allowing the homeowner to return to his apartment and settle back into his routine with minimal disruption.

A fire can be truly devastating and we take pride in our ability to quickly turn around smoke damage cleanup jobs, allowing those affected to get back to normal as quickly as possible.

CleanSafe are experts in all types of emergency cleaning. Our fully certified cleaning operatives can be on your premises in a matter of hours, working efficiently to ensure thorough cleaning and decontamination.

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Published June 2018