Specifying the right life safety system

Specifying the right life safety system

The issue of poor and unplanned maintenance for vital life safety fire and smoke control systems is a key concern, which also has potentially fatal consequences. In particular, there have been a number of recent reports where smoke control systems in some housing association (HA) properties have been poorly maintained or neglected completely, placing tenants at risk.

Recognising the need to raise the standards when it comes to maintenance, SE Controls has launched SECloudlink™, an innovative ‘remote services’ solution, which provides detailed, around-the-clock system status interrogation. This comprehensive system enables SE Controls’ maintenance team to provide planned and corrective maintenance when needed, driven by regulatory demands or by notifications direct from the smoke control system.

Using integrated 4G communications technology, it enables the system to be constantly monitored, as well as allowing any adjustments and tuning to ensure it matches the needs of the building and occupants, whether it is for smoke control only, environmental ventilation or a hybrid of both systems.

This approach not only provides an effective solution for buildings where ongoing maintenance might be an issue, but is also applicable to all buildings where smoke control systems are installed and demand regular maintenance to the standards demanded by BS9991, BS9999 and BS7346 Part 8, together with Building Regulations ADB; BS EN 12101 and others.

The key benefits of SECloudlink™ remote services include:

  • Proactive management of life safety systems to ensure building compliance
  • Improved efficiency and budget control, minimising disruption and reducing costs associated with expensive site visits
  • System performance, including historical data, for individual sites or a portfolio of buildings
  • Highlight faults and service requirements with fast problem resolution
  • On-going support with advice and assistance when needed
  • Management reporting

Simon North, Service and Maintenance Division Manager with SE Controls, explained: “The priority to install a legally compliant smoke and fire safety solution, means the onus of maintenance and servicing that system is often neglected, however, the potential costs associated with reactive maintenance e.g. sending out an engineer to site, as and when there is an issue, or when the system needs servicing, begs the question – why wouldn’t you want to engage an SECloudlink™ solution?”

He added: “One of the key values of SECloudlink™ is that once the data is captured, a much more proactive and cost effective maintenance regime can be implemented. This includes the production of management information reports, system performance reports and early warnings, such as battery life, together with documentation to demonstrate compliance with the relevant regulations, which are a legal requirement.”

The system can also provide significant benefits to contractors, particularly where they are responsible for maintenance on multiple sites. Due to the efficiencies of SECloudlink™ software, every installation can be monitored remotely where an SE Controls solution has been installed.

Individual rooms can be monitored on a floor-by-floor basis and using the system’s graphical interface, which can be configured to notify SE Controls, or the appointed maintenance contractor, when an issue appears. Any alert or notification can be immediately interrogated on screen with data logs to show details of the reported event to speed up corrective actions.

The SECloudlink™ solution is already in place on several sites where life safety systems are installed and the resulting benefits to landlords have also been significant.  However, the most important benefit is for the building’s residents; if a fire should occur, then the system will operate flawlessly and escape routes will be kept clear of smoke, as the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about.

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Published July 2017